Cracking it in Apple TV

The recent Apple event was mind boggling.  Last year, the iPad announcement was held in a second event held at around October but for this event, even the new iPad pro was included.

I am especially interested in the new Apple TV.  If you remember, Steve Jobs had once said that he had cracked the code for bringing Apple TV to our living room.  This was mentioned by Walter Issaacson in his biography book and for most of us who read this book, we were left wondering what was he talking about.

If Steve Jobs had cracked the code, the Apple TV that he was talking about should be the Apple TV that we are seeing now.  It combines a Siri and a motion control style controller and it would let you search and watch programs from the different network sources such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and even Youtube.  I was wrong in my earlier post thinking that we would not be able to watch Netflix programs in Apple TV.

And so if Steve Jobs had cracked the code, this would be it.  I have been puzzled by what Steve Jobs meant when he said openly to Walter Isaacson that he had cracked it.  Now all that we need to see is if Apple TV would conquer our living room.

Apple TV universal search

Apple will be announcing the iPhone 6s soon.  Along with the iPhone event, there is been rumour that Apple will announce an improved Apple TV with a universal search.  This will allow users to use Apple TV and search across the different network sources.

That is almost like saying that Apple has finally come out with its Theory of Everything and unified all the different forces into one.

If you also pay attention to another news, there was a saying that Apple is into making its own TV series or producing its own movies.  This only shows that Apple is gearing itself to compete with Amazon or Netflix and if this is the case, it is unlikely that Netflix or Amazon will allow Apple to carry their programs in Apple TV.

iPad Pro with Stylus

Steve Jobs once said that if you have a Stylus in a Tablet, it will die just like Apple Newton.

However, rumour is all over the twittersphere that the next iPad will have an iPad Pro model with a larger screen.  If you think of what Steve Jobs had said, you might discard this as just a rumour.

However, I think that the possibility that Apple will release an iPad Pro with a stylus is high.

Just earlier, it was said that Apple is working with App developers and giving them assistance to develop iOS applications for the enterprise.  Apple has always wanted to push iPad and make it widely used by its corporate customers.

If you ask me what was the single most hindrance for iPad to be widely adopted,  I would say it is that we can’t use a mouse with an iPad and so Apple would have to finally resort to using a Stylus.  We will see.


iPad In The Enterprise

Recently, rumour has it that Apple is working with 50 companies to bring iPad applications to the enterprise.  Apple is working with smaller application development firms giving them incentives and  partnership to bring applications to their enterprise clients.

I think the first thing that Apple needs to do is to tell us how iPads are used in its own Infinity Loop campus.  Steve Jobs had famously said that Apple does not understand the enterprise.  If Apple does not understand the enterprise, it certainly understands its own company.

If the different departments in Apple such as its sales and R&D could use iPad for most of its applications, I believe Apple would not have any difficulties convincing others to purchase more iPads for their staff.

Magic Mouse

Before getting myself a Mac, I have tried the magic mouse maybe 2 years back in a shop specializes in selling Apple products.  As a PC users who had used only Logitech mouse, I thought Apple Magic mouse was odd.  Why was it shaped like a designer mouse?  Is that a practical mouse?  Also I have always thought that the Logitech mouse that I was having was a perfect mouse.  I should not ask for more.

When I got my Mac, I had struggled with using it for the first half an hour.  Now I did not know how to scroll the browser! Why the scrolling worked only at times!  In the end, I had to google it to find out how to use the mouse.  Don’t laugh.

Now that I have used it for a couple of months, the only complain that I have about this mouse is its AA batteries.  The batteries make it really heavy and just about a month back, I had replaced the 2 batteries that come with the new Mac with 2 new lithium batteries.

If you have Windows boot camp set up in your Mac, you can use the mouse in the Windows.  I have that set up and I totally love it.  The mouse is flat just so that we could slide our fingers on it.  Now I just hope that I could use the same Magic mouse with the Thinkpad notebook that I am using for my work.  But somehow, I could not find the driver for it.


Boot Camp

When I first got hold of my Mac, the first thing that I did was to check out Boot Camp in Mac and try installing a copy of Windows into it.  I have been  a long time user of Windows and I have lost touch with Mac for more than 10 years.

Before using Mac as my main desktop at home, I had this thinking that I might have applications that I would not be able to install into Mac.  This worry was unfounded.

Now after using Mac for a couple of months, I found that I rarely switch back to using Windows in the Boot Camp.

Except for some of my company’s applications, I can find most of the applications that I need and do most all of my things in Mac. So nowadays,  I rarely boot up my Mac in Windows.  There is basically no need for that.

Photo Sharing

I wonder how Apple is going to use this feature in iPhone. If this feature is implemented in iPhone, this will turn iPhone into a social sharing phone.

But we know that Apple is the company that is quite clueless about Social sharing.  Furthermore, the camera App in iPhone is a barebone camera App.  Apple will have to build in more social features into the camera App to make it easier for sharing.

Tony Fadell To The Rescue

It is rumoured that the ex iPod designer Tony Fadell is pitching to Google that he is interested to revive the Google Glass.

I am not too sure why Google is still interested in pursuing Google Glass and also why Nest was just so popular in US.  I always thought that Nest was popular only because it was started by an ex iPod designer.

Now, the designer of Nest is interested to lead a revival of Google Glass.  Now maybe you can tell me why we need a Nest in our home first.

The purchase that should not have happened

Microsoft just announced that it is writing off $7.6 billion of its acquisition of Nokia last year in 2014.

It seemed just not long ago that Steve Ballmer had proudly announced, together with Stephen Elop that Microsoft is transforming itself into a hardware and service company.  The interesting  thing about this announcement was that just one month into buying Nokia, Steve Ballmer left Microsoft and passed his baton to Satya Nadella.

When Steve Ballmer made the announcement, it seemed that it makes sense.  Apple was at the top of its hardware game and in order for Microsoft to win the race, Microsoft would need to enter into this game.

Microsoft has been an arch rival of Apple, since as you know, when there was something called the personal computer.  By buying Nokia, it was to say that Microsoft was serious about mobile.  Just like saying that Apple was still its arch rival.

Satya realised that it could never win the mobile phone war.  This announcement is its admission that it will not be able to compete with Apple and Samsung.