This site provides online resources for beginners to learn computer programming or coding.

It guides you in learning to code in a programming language such as PHP, Javascript or SQL.

We are also about how to learn a programming language, how to start and where to get those necessary information.

Learning is a journey and just like learning to ride a bicycle, it could be tough for a beginner to get a foothold and to start.  We need to crawl before we can walk.  The same apply to learning to code.  The learning process that you have gone through, hopefully through us, will be all worth while once you have reached a certain level.

Here, we produce our own guides and tutorials and will help you to find relevant resources on the web to assist you along your journey in learning.

If you are learning Javascript or jQuery for the purpose of developing iOS or Android apps, there is an Android App that I have developed and you can download it to play around with it.

The App was developed using jQuery Mobile and it has made use of Parse database.  I have also used the push notification provided by Parse to send messages to the users who have downloaded the App.

I will come back to explaining more about this App in the near future.

If you are new to programming, I would like to suggest that you start with learning Javascript followed by jQuery.   Learning them will allow you to develop a web site and also iOS or Android Apps.

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Resources from around the web: