WPF: Creating overlapping rectangles using canvas

The following example produces three Rectangle elements, each element 100 pixels. The first Rectangle is red, and its upper-left (x, y) position is specified as (0, 0). The second Rectangle is green, and its upper-left position is (100, 100), which is just below, and to the right of, the first square. The third Rectangle is blue, and its upper-left position is (50, 50).

<Window x:Class="Ellipse.MainWindow"
        Title="MainWindow" Height="350" Width="525">
    <Canvas Height="400" Width="400">
        <Canvas Height="100" Width="100" Top="0" Left="0" Background="Red"/>
        <Canvas Height="100" Width="100" Top="100" Left="100" Background="Green"/>
        <Canvas Height="100" Width="100" Top="50" Left="50" Background="Blue"/>




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