Apple WWDC OS X announcement

Apple’s new Mac operating system, which appears destined to be called OS X 10.11, is also going to be announced at WWDC.

Apple’s WWDC is around the corner.  It is expected to announce a new version of OS X.  After using OS X for about a week, I am actually quite surprised at how similar it is to System 7, the Mac OS that I had used back when John Sculley was still the boss.  I had used System 7 for a couple of years running on a Macintosh LC,

A lot of things are still retained.  For example, the Finder.  If you look at the keyboard, I believe there is also nothing new there as compared to the keyboard that I had used together with Macintosh LC.

There is also another thing that I found striking when using OS X.  It is actually a lot more simpler than System 7.

One thing that we need to note here is that Apple does not depend on OS X as much as Microsoft on Windows.  A lot of the features that we have in Windows are not found in OS X.

But for Microsoft, Windows 10 release later next month would determine if Microsoft would still be relevant in the next 10 years.