Apple’s iMac

I just learned today that Apple’s iMac design was actually based on another product called the eMate.

I remembered when it was first released, it had this tantalising ad line:  Which colour would you choose?

I used to think that this was some kind of gimmick from Apple.  But when it was first launched and within a very short time, it was already proven to be successful.

Till now, I still think that iMac was a gimmick but I was obviously wrong.

But one thing was true.  It was based on eMate and so it was based on a product originally designed for students in school.


2 thoughts on “Apple’s iMac

  1. Another awesome background info was that the iMac was suppose to be made in clear epoxy so that you can see everything inside. There was inspiration from watches (like swatchwatches) where part of it was visible so that you can see the gears. I was a project coordinator for a Japanese prototyping company called ARRK in San Diego and we created the iMac prototype for an upcoming show…but the epoxy idea didn’t work because epoxy is unstable and unpredictable in heat. The whole thing works like a clam shell – the top should fit the bottom. But the epoxy top and bottom wouldn’t fit after curing. We brainstormed and came up with another solution – another type of plastic that had more predictable results than epoxy. The color was an additive – it gave stability to the chemical structure as well…the result: Steve Jobs didn’t get exactly what he wanted (clear machine) but he liked what ARRK came up with instead.

    1. It was mentioned in Becoming Steve Jobs that they wanted to show part of the circuitry inside the iMac but somehow it didn’t pan out. That could be something that Steve Jobs wanted and so now I know why!

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