Apple Music

Apple just announced Apple Music in WWDC and its been said that there are 30 million songs in Apple music.  The same number seems to apply to Spotify and Rdio.

But this number is basically meaningless.  If you have tried any of the music service I believe you will still be able to find some albums that are not available.

Heard of Taylor Swift? Now we all know that we can’t find Taylor Swift in Spotify.

I am sure Apple would not want to launch a music service without Taylor Swift and if you ask me, I would say Apple bought Beats mainly because Beats can bring all labels to Apple music.

I have tried Rdio and its monthly service and I did find some British albums that were not there.

So if you want to get any subscription service, try them first and see if you can find all the albums that you definitely want in your phone.

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  1. Super-insightful writings about technology, full of thoughtful critical thinking and well-seasoned opinions! Thank you for writing this. <3

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