Daring Fireball in the News

If you have been a long time follower of Apple, you would definitely have come across this web site daringfireball.net and read some of the articles written by John Gruber.

He is a long time supporter of of Apple products especially iPhone and he blogged mostly about Apple products.

If you have watched the WWDC, you might have noticed that daringfireball.net web site was featured in Apple News introduction.

Apple News is a news reader from Apple and it seems that it will be quite similar to Flipboard or Zite.   After this announcement, many news articles started comparing it to Facebook instant article and that it will compete directly with it.

When I saw DaringFireball web site in the Apple News introduction, I thought that  that will be great.  DaringFireball.net is not a mobile friendly website and at one time, I tweeted to John Gruber telling him to update his site to be mobile friendly.  I tweeted to him that it is a pain visiting his web site using iPhone.

It is still unchanged after one year and it is likely because he is using an outdated CMS making him not able to do much to his site.