Spotify and its 20 million subscribers

After Apple announced its Music service, there was a lot of talks about whether Spotify will survive the onslaught from Apple.

Being a long time user of Spotify, I have also been pondering if this will affect Spotify.  When Apple announced that they will also release this new service in Android platform, you know that Apple has approached selling music differently.

Spotify has recently announced that they have 75 million active users and 20 million subscribers.  The announcement  was probably timed to tell us that Spotify is OK.

Music is a rather personal thing.  Our tastes are just so varied. I think the single most important factor that will determine if you will opt for a new service is if the service could provide you with the albums that you are looking for.

I have used Spotify and have constantly searched for different artists and I do find Spotify has increased its collection gradually.

With 20 million subscribers, it is  massive.  Streaming music is still new.  With Apple into streaming, it could very well bring in new users thereby expanding the market rather then dividing it.