New UI change in Twitter

Just when the news is full of the resignation of Twitter CEO Jack Costolo, I just discovered a minor change in Twitter UI for the iPhone.  Notice in the screenshot above, the width of the photo took the full width of the phone.

This is a subtle change but an important one.  As you might have known, the resignation of its CEO is related to Twitter being unable to get new users.  The number of users for Twitter has been staying flat for the past year.

Twitter CEO is under tremendous pressure to turn Twitter into Facebook.  To turn it into Facebook, Twitter would need to copy some of the design interfaces of Facebook.

Well, you might argue that this is more like copying from Instagram rather than Facebook.  But isn’t Instagram a part of Facebook?

I am not too sure who else is seeing the new interface.  Usually for a company like Twitter, they would roll out the changes gradually and they may target some users to test out the new interface.

If I was asked by Twitter how was my trial on the new interface, I would have to say I like it!