One more extra thing

In the WWDC, besides announcing Apple Music, Apple also the announced one more extra thing called the Apple Connect.

This is generally a social network for artists to reach out to their fans just like artists setting up pages in Facebook or Twitter.

The first thing that came to most people’s mind is is Apple trying to revive Ping?  Ping has failed miserably and it has been considered a bad attempt by Apple to imitate Facebook.

Ping was announced at around 2010.  Facebook was at its height and Apple positioned Ping as a social network for music fans.  It was shutdown in 2 years and I remembered after its launched I was curious about Ping and wanted to try it.

I wasn’t using Apple’s Mac and i did not have iTunes installed on my PC.  So I just typed in in the browser and it brought me to the page below.


And I thought to myself, hey if you are a social network, don’t you need a descent url so that people who are not using Mac are able to find it?  So Apple had launched a music social network called Ping but we couldn’t even access it.

When Apple launched iPhone, the name iPhone was registered by Linksys which was part of Cisco.  Apple negotiated with Cisco and so now if you type in, it will be directed to Apple’s iPhone website.

So now Apple is calling its service Connect.  I hope it is not going to launch a service where we can’t even access it.