dotCom domain names

If you are starting a company, what is the first thing that you need to do?

When I first started working on, a site that was meant for guiding beginners to learn programming, the first thing that I spent a lot of time into was to search for a suitable domain name.

It probably took me a about 1 week to finalise on 2 domain names, and  Both I have managed to registered at a price of $12.

It is now very hard to register a domain name that matches what you want.  Some domain names could cost upward of 1 million dollar.

The only thing that we can do is to be creative and to have an open mind.

If you look at the name, this is probably not their first choice in naming their company.  It is more likely to be but the name  was already not available.

I remembered when NYT interviewed the founder of Codecademy, they had got their name written wrongly as CodeAcademy too.

The search for a domain name can be quite frustrating.  When I had managed to register and, my first choice was actually  The ‘giz’ here reminded me of, a site that I visit quite regularly.

However, a sense of playfulness and having an open mind had helped me to opt for  Now I think is indeed a better choice.

There is a site that is owned by that you can try if you are looking for an available domain.  The site is  Matt Wallenberg of WordPress probably thought that owning this site would provide wordpress users more options to register for a domain.

If you need a name that matches the exact word that you want, you can always look at the .co domain.  I think .co has the potential to replace .com.  It is one character shorter and there are still many names that are available.