Apple and iPad for the enterprise

In WWDC, when Apple unveiled the split screen multitasking iOS, there was a saying that Apple will be unveiling the 12 inch iPad.  This feature is well suited for a larger iPad and for many of us, we dream of one day where we would not have to bring a lab top to work and we could complete most of our daily work on a tablet, be it on a Surface Pro or Apple iPad.

In the past few days, there was a controversy on a WSJ article suggesting that Apple should kill off its Mac.  The WSJ article suggests that Apple could put in more effort into its other products including beefing up the iPad.

iPad is still not a product that is widely accepted by the enterprise.  In 2014, Apple partnered with IBM in the hope that through the partnership, more iPads would be sold in the enterprise.

I have like to think that the main reason was that there was a lack of killer applications for enterprise to use iPad widely.

Recently, Microsoft has released its Microsoft Office on the iPad and we have yet to see how it will impact the sales of iPad.

Its been widely said that Apple does not understand the enterprise.  Even Steve Jobs admitted that Apple did not get the enterprise.

To see how truth is that, maybe we could just look at how iPad is faring in the enterprise.  And without a widely used iPad in the enterprise, Apple could never kill of their main Mac computers.