iPhone home button

An article in Digitimes of Taiwan has claimed that Apple would be ditching the home button and integrate the finger print recognition in the button to the touch screen.

The article said that Apple is experimenting with a new technology called Touch and Display Driver Integration.  If the rumour is true, it means Apple would need only one chip to control the display and its touch technology including forced touch and finger print recognition.

Electronic touch button has been around for a long time.  About 6 years back, I had bought a 24inch Samsung monitor and the monitor came with no buttons at all.  It took me a while to figure out how to switch on the the monitor as the power button on the bottom right was not easily recognisable as a power button.

If you have used a Samsung Galaxy before, it has already done away with mechanical buttons for a long time.  But for the iPhone, you would be wondering why the button is still there.

Now that Apple had integrated the touch ID to the button, it is obvious why the button is still there.

If you have an iPhone, you will find that if there is a part that could fail easily, it is the home button.  The reason could be that iPhone goes to sleep mode easily and this force us to touch the button each time we need to turn it on.

Mechanical button is prone to failure.  But because it is mechanical, you could feel the clicking sound each time you click on it.

Have you heard of a story on how Steve Jobs could pay attention to very little details.  It was said that he requested his iPod team to redesign the iPod headphone jack simply because it did not produce any clicking sound when you put the phone jack into the iPod.

I actually thought that having the mechanical button does make the phone feel more humane.  The one reason that I thought it would be good to have the button gone was that game gadget designers would be able to design a controller that could clip easily on both sides of the of the phone.

When it comes to gaming, I still prefer to play on a well designed controller rather than playing it on the touch screen.  Mechanical controller like a playstation controller Sixaxis, I believe, is still a better choice for many gamers.