Samsung’s Wireless Charging

It is always fun to watch Samsung’s Ad on Apple.  In the latest Sumsung’s jab on Apple, it shows how Apple users would always have to fumble with cable, especially Apple’s lightning cable.

This short Ad from Samsung ran about 30 seconds.  It spends about 2/3 of its time on talking about Apple and about 10 seconds talking about its own wireless charging.

That is, giving about two-third of its spotlight to Apple.

When I look at this Ad, I do see that there is merit in this type of charging technology.  Samsung called it wireless charging and I wonder if that is the right term for it.

You need to put the phone on the charging station and in a way, you can say that the phone needs to be docked to the base charging station.  I believe you can’t have the phone too far away from the station, not even 1 inch away from it.

Samsung might call this wireless charging even though the phone needs to be very close to the station.

This type of charging technology should belong to a new category of wireless charging method.  Instead of calling it wireless, let’s suggest to Samsung and have them called it dock station charging.