Apple’s Secrecy

Around April in 2010, an Apple’s engineer lost his iPhone 4 prototype in a restaurant.  Apple, after discovered that it had lost a prototype phone, tried all means to get the phone back.  It also made a police report.

Apple is known for its secrecy.  We will not know that there is a new product until its announcement in the keynote.

Its employees, especially its engineers, are expected to keep a tight lip on new product development.  They were reports that some engineers work in group in a designated building.  And they seldom interact and discuss about their work with other colleagues.

When I was going through the book Becoming Steve Jobs, it was said that Apple design its new spaceship-like building in order to encourage interaction among its employees.

This was what John Lasseter said of Steve’s thinking.

He believed in the unplanned meeting, in people running into people.

So if this guy in the Mac team bounces into a guy in the iPhone team, could the Mac guy ask, “How is your work?”

Or they would just resort to talking about the ever changing weather enthusiastically.