Steve Jobs, I Mean, The Movie

The trailer for Steve Jobs the movie that was written by Aaron Sorkin is out.  If you have seen the movie the Social Network, you probably would know that the same movie was also written by Aaron Sorkin.

There was a lot of saying that the movie is just like the Social Network but I am not too sure why that was so since we have not seen the actual movie yet.

There is one thing that could make this movie very different from the Social Network.  Aaron Sorkin is a friend of Steve Jobs.  I believe he had a hand in helping Steve Jobs wrote his commencement speech in 2005 and Aaron Sorkin also attended Steve Jobs funeral when he passed away.

Steve Jobs had asked Walter Isaacson to write his biography and the reason could be that Walter Isaacson had written a bio epic of Albert Einstein.  Walter Isaacson’s book on Albert Einstein was also a book that I had read.  It was an epic and so I was not surprised that he asked Walter Issaacson to pen his biography instead of his good friend, Brent Schlender.

Brent Schlender wrote the book Becoming Steve Jobs, a book that I had just finished reading.  The movie the Social Network came out in the the year 2005 and Steve Jobs was still alive.

Since Aaron Sorkin was a friend of Steve Jobs and he had written the 2005 Social Network screenplay, I wonder if Steve Jobs could have also discussed with Aaron Sorkin that if there was a movie about him, Aaron Sorkin would have to write the screenplay for it.