Magic Mouse

Before getting myself a Mac, I have tried the magic mouse maybe 2 years back in a shop specializes in selling Apple products.  As a PC users who had used only Logitech mouse, I thought Apple Magic mouse was odd.  Why was it shaped like a designer mouse?  Is that a practical mouse?  Also I have always thought that the Logitech mouse that I was having was a perfect mouse.  I should not ask for more.

When I got my Mac, I had struggled with using it for the first half an hour.  Now I did not know how to scroll the browser! Why the scrolling worked only at times!  In the end, I had to google it to find out how to use the mouse.  Don’t laugh.

Now that I have used it for a couple of months, the only complain that I have about this mouse is its AA batteries.  The batteries make it really heavy and just about a month back, I had replaced the 2 batteries that come with the new Mac with 2 new lithium batteries.

If you have Windows boot camp set up in your Mac, you can use the mouse in the Windows.  I have that set up and I totally love it.  The mouse is flat just so that we could slide our fingers on it.  Now I just hope that I could use the same Magic mouse with the Thinkpad notebook that I am using for my work.  But somehow, I could not find the driver for it.