iPad Pro with Stylus

Steve Jobs once said that if you have a Stylus in a Tablet, it will die just like Apple Newton.

However, rumour is all over the twittersphere that the next iPad will have an iPad Pro model with a larger screen.  If you think of what Steve Jobs had said, you might discard this as just a rumour.

However, I think that the possibility that Apple will release an iPad Pro with a stylus is high.

Just earlier, it was said that Apple is working with App developers and giving them assistance to develop iOS applications for the enterprise.  Apple has always wanted to push iPad and make it widely used by its corporate customers.

If you ask me what was the single most hindrance for iPad to be widely adopted,  I would say it is that we can’t use a mouse with an iPad and so Apple would have to finally resort to using a Stylus.  We will see.