Cracking it in Apple TV

The recent Apple event was mind boggling.  Last year, the iPad announcement was held in a second event held at around October but for this event, even the new iPad pro was included.

I am especially interested in the new Apple TV.  If you remember, Steve Jobs had once said that he had cracked the code for bringing Apple TV to our living room.  This was mentioned by Walter Issaacson in his biography book and for most of us who read this book, we were left wondering what was he talking about.

If Steve Jobs had cracked the code, the Apple TV that he was talking about should be the Apple TV that we are seeing now.  It combines a Siri and a motion control style controller and it would let you search and watch programs from the different network sources such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and even Youtube.  I was wrong in my earlier post thinking that we would not be able to watch Netflix programs in Apple TV.

And so if Steve Jobs had cracked the code, this would be it.  I have been puzzled by what Steve Jobs meant when he said openly to Walter Isaacson that he had cracked it.  Now all that we need to see is if Apple TV would conquer our living room.