PHP: Radio button form

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We will go through some form related processing with PHP.

You can first copy (double clicking on the code box) the code below to a file called radio.php and save the file in your local web server.

If you are using WAMP server, make sure that WAMP server is started.

Radio Button
$male_status = 'unchecked';
$female_status = 'unchecked';

if (isset($_POST['Submit1'])) {
    $selected_radio = $_POST['gender'];

    if ($selected_radio == 'male') {
        $male_status = 'checked';
    } else if ($selected_radio == 'female') {
        $female_status = 'checked';

<FORM name="form1" method="post" action="radio.php">

    <Input type='Radio' Name='gender' value='male'
        <?php echo $male_status ?>

    <Input type='Radio' Name='gender' value='female'
        <?php echo $female_status ?>

        <Input type="Submit" Name="Submit1" VALUE="Select a Radio Button">


<?PHP if ($male_status == 'checked') {
    echo "Male selected";
if ($female_status == 'checked') {
    echo "Female selected";

You can try to run the form here.

We have put the PHP code in the same script file (radio.php) and so in the form action field, we have action=”radio.php”.

When the form is first submitted, the isset($_POST[‘Submit1’]) is set to 1(true) allowing the if loop to run.

Depending on which button is set, the if loop will set $male_status to 1 or $female_status to 1.

The $male_status or $female_status will allow us to set one of the buttons to checked status by using and echo statement as in <?php echo $male_status ?>.

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