SQL: More Select Examples

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Using the same table, let’s try more select statements.

If you work in the IT industry, and there are databases in your applications, being proficient with querying the database could become crucial to your daily work.

create table artiste
 id int auto_increment primary key, 
 artiste varchar(30), 
 album varchar(50),
 year int(10)

insert into artiste
(artiste, album, year)
('Rod Stewart', 'Maggie May', 1973),
('New Order', 'Substance', 1987),
('Nirvana', 'Smell Like Teen Spirit', 1992),
('Rod Stewart', 'Out of Order', 1988);
1Rod StewartMaggie May1973
2New OrderSubstance1987
3NirvanaSmell Like Teen Spirit1992
4Rod StewartOut of Order1988
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