Parse & JS: Install the Parse Javascript SDK

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Now that the FirstApp is created in Parse, you need to set up the SDK.

Now try to look for the web version of the SDK in The page that will guide you on downloading a Javascript project and installing the SDK to the code.

The guide from Parse will look similar to the page below.


Click on the Download the blank Javascript/HTML 5 project.  A zip file will be donwloaded to your PC.

Open the zip file and you will see an index.html file and 2 css file.

I have copied the index.html file into and set the path for the 2 CSS files.

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=””>
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=””>

Look for this line in index.html:  Parse.initialize(“APPLICATION_ID”, “JAVASCRIPT_KEY”);

You need to replace APPLICATION_ID and JAVASCRIPT_KEY.  You can find them by clicking on Settings->Application Keys as shown in the screenshot below.


I have set up the FirstApp in, you can try the code here.

Try The Code

If you set up the SDK in your web server, you will see a page similar to this.


If you look at Data Browser in FirstApp, you should see a record created in TestObject similar to the screenshot below.


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