Javascript: Form with radio buttons

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Now we look at how to pass values into a form with radio buttons.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Form Inputs</title>
        function submitForm(form) {
            var item;
            var rad_button = document.getElementsByName('radio_button');
            if (rad_button[0].checked) {
                item = rad_button[0].value;
            } else if (rad_button[1].checked) {
                item = rad_button[1].value;
            document.getElementById('buy_id').innerHTML = item;
<p>What would you like to buy this year?</p><br/>
    <input type='radio' name='radio_button' value='ipad' checked='checked'>iPad<br>
    <input type='radio' name='radio_button' value='camera'>Camera<br><br>
    <input type='button' value='Submit' onclick='submitForm(form)'>
<p>I bought a</p>
<h2 id='buy_id'></h2>

In order to access the value of radio buttons, we pass the name radio_button into a variable rad_button using getElementsByName.

You can also see how the value of the first button is accessed by rad_button[0] and the second value by rad_button[1].

A group of radio buttons is actually arranged in an Array datatype.  This is an important concept in HTML elements and we will get more into this in the later articles.

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