C#: Learning An Object-Oriented Programming Language

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C# is an object-oriented programming language.  This is very different from the traditional procedural languages such as C.

Its been said that if you have been a C programmer, it might take you 6 months to unlearn procedural style of programming and train yourself in writing programs the object-oriented style.

For a new programmer, the best approach is to learn an object-oriented language sucn as C# directly instead of learning a traditional language first.

The first thing is to understand that look at the world as if they are all objects.  For examples, a car, an animal or a company.

There are certain characteristics or properties that are associated with objects such as the size of a car or the number of employees in a company.

How do you manipulate or modify those properties?  You will use methods in a class to modify them.

In a way, you could say that an object is actually a class in an object-oriented language such as C#.


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