C++: Configuring Cygwin compiler to work with Netbeans

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After you have downloaded Cygwin and installed with the C++ compiler and make utility, it is easy to set it as the C++ compiler for Netbeans.

  1. Launch Netbeans
  2. From the menu, go to Tools->Options->C/C++
  3. In the tool collection, click on Add
  4. cygwin8
  5. We will have a Windows similar to the above
  6. In the base directory, set it as C:\Cygwin\bin
  7. cygwin9
  8. From the drop down menu in Tool Collection Familly, we select the latest version 4.0.
  9. Our last steps are to add the g++.exe as our compiler, set the make utility and gdb as our debugger as show in the screenshot below.
  10. cygwin10
  11. Once these are done, our compiler should be properly set.
  12. We will perform a simple test in the next post.
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