Javascript: Using Netbeans

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If you are not ready to purchase a copy of Webstorms from Jetbrains, you can always use Netbeans.

Netbeans has been supporting HTML5 development since version 7.2.

1.  The first thing that you need to do is to download the bundle that support HTML5/Javascript.  Try to download the all bundle version instead.

2.  If you are using Chrome, you need also to download a Netbeans connector.

3.  Netbeans connector provides integration between Netbeans IDE and Google Chrome browser.



5. From Chrome, navigate to the link above and click on Add to Chrome.

6. Since you are having a full bundle version, it should support HTML5/Javascript.

7.  Launch Chrome

8.  html51

9.  As shown in the screenshot above, click on HTML5 and HTML5 Application.  Click on Next.

10. After clicking next, you should see the screenshot below.


11.  Simply click on Next.



13.  In the step to select site template, click on No Site Template.

14.  Next, you might not need jQuery now but let’s add jQuery to it.




16.  A template with the following screenshot will be created.

17.  html56


18.  Now click on the green arrow button to run it.


19.  The Chrome browser will be loaded as shown in the following screenshot.



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