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I just found out that it is relatively easy to enable PHP development in Netbeans.

We will first have to download and install the WAMP server that includes Apache, PHP Engine and MySQL.

Try to install WAMP to C:\wamp if possible.

Download Netbeans if you do not already have it. Always download the All bundle version.

1.  Start Netbeans

2.  Go to Tools->Plugins.  We need to download the PHP engine plugin for Netbeans.

3.  In the Available Plugins, look for PHP and activate it.


4. Now we want to the Netbeans to use the PHP engine that you have downloaded together with WAMP.

5. Go to Tools -> Options.


6.  In the PHP 5 Interpreter, browse to the PHP engine.  For example, the path in my notebook is C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.5.12\php.exe.

7.  Now start the WAMP server so that the Apache is started.  Ensure that you get a green icon in the task bar on the bottom right corner.

8. Now we will start a new PHP project.

9.  From Netbeans, go to File -> New Project.


10.  Select PHP and PHP Application



11.  In the Project Name, give it a new project name.  In the screenshot, I am using NewPHPProject.

12.  For the Source Folder, we put it under the www folder in WAMP.

13.  So it will be C:\Wamp\www\NewPHPProject.

14.  Click on Next.



15.  Since we have the Apache server in WAMP, we use the default setup with Local Web Site.

16. Click Next and then Finish.

17.  A PHP index.php file will be found in C:\wamp\www\newphpproject\


18.  Put an echo line in the code.

        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        // put your code here
        echo '<p>Hello World</p>';

19.  To run the code, just click on the green arrow button in the menu.

20.  We will have the following output in the browser.



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