Tiff file in Mac

I have been using the Mac for a few days including using it to blog this site.  When I snip an image using the Mac Grap tool, the image is created in Tiff format.

You might know that this format is an Apple format and if I load the image into WordPress media, it would not be displayed.

I would then have to ‘export’ it into PNG format for it to be probably displayed in WordPress.  If you think life could be tough if you switch from using a PC to a Mac, this could be one thing that caused it.

Playstation life span

Playstation is releasing an updated console with 1TB of hard disk space.

This is less about 1 year after its release last year.  It is interesting that Sony or Microsoft releases a new console once in about 10 years.  Its life span is so different from a PC where in every 3 years we will have to make a new upgrade.

This led me to think that a standard CPU that powered the gaming console is probably 5 times less powerful than a PC that we are using.

We are probably not ready to buy a console that cost the same as an iMac or PC.