The phenomenal growth of live game broadcast

Twitch is one of those companies that achieved a $1 billion valuation in a very short time.  It was sold to Amazon late last year.

Before it was sold, the news had it that Google or Youtube was putting $1 billion into buying it.  But as it it turned out, it was Amazon that made a successful bid for it.

Game viewing is growing phenomenally and it still is.  If you have a Sony PS4, you can play a game and easily broadcast your gameplays live to either Twitch or Stream.  This capability was only added in the newer PS4 and XBoxOne.

So it was barely a year where live broadcasting was available in the 2 main consoles and before you know it, it is already now owned by Amazon.

In Twitch, you can now see many professional players who play games for a living.  Some have loyal followings and they are receiving different types of sponsorship.

I have even seen some players that are sponsored by some 24 hours eateries.  So for them, the tagline is play but don’t forget to eat.