Call Of Candy

We all know that Activision is the publisher of Call Of Duty franchise and that in another 3 days, on 6th November, the world’s most popular first-person shooter Black Ops 3 will be released worldwide.

Other popular titles that are owned by Activision are Blizzard and World Of Warcraft.  Now there is a new one Candy Crush Saga that will be added to the list. In terms of popularity, Candy Crush Saga could trump them all.

However, we know that the popularity of Candy Crush Saga is declining and I wonder how Activision will revive this game.  Well, maybe call it Call Of Candy?

The monstrous Call Of Duty

The sales of Call Of Duty seems to have peaked.  At its height, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 achieved a sales of 13 million copies for PS3.

CoD Modern Warfare 2 was also the first game in the series that I had played.  When I was playing Black Ops II, I could see from the heat map in the game that at any one time, there could be half a million users playing this game from all over the world.

Have you heard of the song Jersey Girl by Rick Springfield?  There was a saying that you could always remember where you were the first time you heard this song.

I could still vividly remembered the first multiplayer game that I played and at which point I had spawned in the map.  The map was Favela and I remembered I was fumbling with the assault rifle when I first spawned in the map.

The thing about playing a game like Call Of Duty is that it is very intense.  A typical multiplayer game would last 10 minutes.  There are so many good players that even if you put in a tremendous amount of time in playing this game, you will always be the average player.  The reason for this is that you are always matched with players with your level of skills.

The bad thing about playing an intense game like Call of Duty is that after you have played this game for a while, you are unlikely to pick up other games.

For example, recently I tried playing Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero and I found the pace so slow that I could not keep up with it.  This is a game that I used to like when I first had my PS2.

There was another game that I used to like before I started playing CoD and that was Resident Evil.  I tried Resident Evil 6 and I did not even finish the game.

So if there is anything that killed other games, it is Call Of Duty.


The phenomenal growth of live game broadcast

Twitch is one of those companies that achieved a $1 billion valuation in a very short time.  It was sold to Amazon late last year.

Before it was sold, the news had it that Google or Youtube was putting $1 billion into buying it.  But as it it turned out, it was Amazon that made a successful bid for it.

Game viewing is growing phenomenally and it still is.  If you have a Sony PS4, you can play a game and easily broadcast your gameplays live to either Twitch or Stream.  This capability was only added in the newer PS4 and XBoxOne.

So it was barely a year where live broadcasting was available in the 2 main consoles and before you know it, it is already now owned by Amazon.

In Twitch, you can now see many professional players who play games for a living.  Some have loyal followings and they are receiving different types of sponsorship.

I have even seen some players that are sponsored by some 24 hours eateries.  So for them, the tagline is play but don’t forget to eat.