Magic Mouse

Before getting myself a Mac, I have tried the magic mouse maybe 2 years back in a shop specializes in selling Apple products.  As a PC users who had used only Logitech mouse, I thought Apple Magic mouse was odd.  Why was it shaped like a designer mouse?  Is that a practical mouse?  Also I have always thought that the Logitech mouse that I was having was a perfect mouse.  I should not ask for more.

When I got my Mac, I had struggled with using it for the first half an hour.  Now I did not know how to scroll the browser! Why the scrolling worked only at times!  In the end, I had to google it to find out how to use the mouse.  Don’t laugh.

Now that I have used it for a couple of months, the only complain that I have about this mouse is its AA batteries.  The batteries make it really heavy and just about a month back, I had replaced the 2 batteries that come with the new Mac with 2 new lithium batteries.

If you have Windows boot camp set up in your Mac, you can use the mouse in the Windows.  I have that set up and I totally love it.  The mouse is flat just so that we could slide our fingers on it.  Now I just hope that I could use the same Magic mouse with the Thinkpad notebook that I am using for my work.  But somehow, I could not find the driver for it.


Apple’s iMac

I just learned today that Apple’s iMac design was actually based on another product called the eMate.

I remembered when it was first released, it had this tantalising ad line:  Which colour would you choose?

I used to think that this was some kind of gimmick from Apple.  But when it was first launched and within a very short time, it was already proven to be successful.

Till now, I still think that iMac was a gimmick but I was obviously wrong.

But one thing was true.  It was based on eMate and so it was based on a product originally designed for students in school.


Steve’s Second Act

When Steve Jobs left Apple and founded NeXT Computer, his targeted markets were the institutions such as school’s research centers.  Its been said that he talked to countless institutions and asked the professors about their needs.

His market research seemed to indicate that they need a more powerful workstation.  He even got Standard University to take a partial share in his company.

We know that Steve is famous for relying on his instincts to come out with new ideas.  But this is a case where he actually did a lot of research such as checking on the needs of his targeted markets.

But as you know, he failed miserably with NeXT Computer.  Market research is something that he did not need.

Apple WWDC OS X announcement

Apple’s new Mac operating system, which appears destined to be called OS X 10.11, is also going to be announced at WWDC.

Apple’s WWDC is around the corner.  It is expected to announce a new version of OS X.  After using OS X for about a week, I am actually quite surprised at how similar it is to System 7, the Mac OS that I had used back when John Sculley was still the boss.  I had used System 7 for a couple of years running on a Macintosh LC,

A lot of things are still retained.  For example, the Finder.  If you look at the keyboard, I believe there is also nothing new there as compared to the keyboard that I had used together with Macintosh LC.

There is also another thing that I found striking when using OS X.  It is actually a lot more simpler than System 7.

One thing that we need to note here is that Apple does not depend on OS X as much as Microsoft on Windows.  A lot of the features that we have in Windows are not found in OS X.

But for Microsoft, Windows 10 release later next month would determine if Microsoft would still be relevant in the next 10 years.

Best of both worlds

When I first got the Mac, the first thing that I did was actually trying to figure out how the Bootcamp works.

My main aim of getting a Mac was actually to create an iOS App for submission into the App store.  I believe without a Mac, it is next to impossible to test out the App if you only have an iPhone.

The good thing about having a Mac is that there is always the Bootcamp utility provided by Apple and it is relatively easy to install a Windows into a Mac.

With the Bootcamp, you can simply divide your hard disk equally and so now, I have 500Gb for Mac and another 500Gb for Windows.

If you are considering getting yourself a desktop at home, I would strongly recommend that you opt for a Mac instead.  It is now quite safe to say that most applications for PC have a Mac version and so this is a way to get the best of both worlds.