Tony Fadell To The Rescue

It is rumoured that the ex iPod designer Tony Fadell is pitching to Google that he is interested to revive the Google Glass.

I am not too sure why Google is still interested in pursuing Google Glass and also why Nest was just so popular in US.  I always thought that Nest was popular only because it was started by an ex iPod designer.

Now, the designer of Nest is interested to lead a revival of Google Glass.  Now maybe you can tell me why we need a Nest in our home first.

The watch that defies Moore’s Law

This year is the 50th anniversary of Moore’s law.  The law that was formulated by Gordon Moore in the year 1965.

It basically states that every two years, the number of transistors that we can cram into a chip will double.  This will also double the power of a chip and so we have been living with this law expecting that next year, the computer that we are using now would be replaced by a newer and more powerful chip.

This has implication for the price as well.

I am so used to this law that when I bought the Mac mini, I bought the mid level Mac for about $700.  If I pay a bit more, say $1000, I would get a higher end Mac that cram more transistors running at a higher speed.

I have been trying to apply this law to iWatch or was it Apple watch without success.

There are 3 types of Apple watch, the Sport Watch, the Watch and the Edition Watch.  From what I know, the Sport watch is about $400, the Watch is about $700 and the Edition Watch could cost up to $10k.

If the Edition Watch is about $10k, you would expect it to be powered by a more powerful chip.  But not in this case.

If you are getting the Edition Watch, it will take the same amount of time to start, the same number of hours for it to be fully charged and that you would still need to charge it daily just like a Sport Watch.

Apple watch is the only device that you can pay a lot more without getting a more powerful computer on your wrist.


Steve’s Second Act

When Steve Jobs left Apple and founded NeXT Computer, his targeted markets were the institutions such as school’s research centers.  Its been said that he talked to countless institutions and asked the professors about their needs.

His market research seemed to indicate that they need a more powerful workstation.  He even got Standard University to take a partial share in his company.

We know that Steve is famous for relying on his instincts to come out with new ideas.  But this is a case where he actually did a lot of research such as checking on the needs of his targeted markets.

But as you know, he failed miserably with NeXT Computer.  Market research is something that he did not need.

Thanks Tumblr

I received the above message from Tumblr that I have posted more than 250 posts to Tumblr and Tumblr is able to assure me that they like some of the photos that I have posted.

Recently, Yahoo had retired Yahoo Pipes, something that I did not expect.  I thought this is one of the features that I will use somedays.

Tumblr is surviving this round of evaluation by Yahoo.  In the past one or two years, there was a lot of changes in Flickr but not much in Tumblr and Tumblr is still very quiet.

After I received the above message, I felt like giving Tumblr a reply.  Thanks Bot..;-)

Tim Cook is unhappy with our state of privacy

May be Tim Cook could let us know what should we do.  Should we stop using search engines?

Judging from the tone here, he might be ditching Google search engine from Safari and maybe opt for Bing.

He seems quite passionate about protecting us and there might even be a possibility that he could ditch search engines altogether from iPhone.