Javascript: Setting up the PC environment

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Javascript is a client side scripting language.

You only need a web server and a browser to run it in your own PC.

  1. First download Apache web server from this link, a Windows version of Apache.
  2. Install it to your PC.
  3. In your start menu, look for Apache server and click on start to start Apache server.
  4. In the task menu, look for an Icon with a green arrow.  Right click on it and click on Open Apache Monitor.
  5. apache
  6. From here, you can see that Apache is started.
  7. In the browser address box, type localhost.
  8. localhost
  9. A message will be shown saying that Apache server is properly installed.


Learn C: What are the resources available on the web to learn C?

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There is actually quite a lot of resources available online that you can tap into.

Here, there are these few links that I have found:

  1. Tutorials Point – with good introduction
  2. How Stuff Work – a bit surprised to find C stuff here
  3. C Programming
  4. Programming Simplified – quite a lot of examples that you can try
  5. C Tutorial – created more for students majoring in Physics
  6. C4Learn – this site has some very good and short examples that you can try out
  7. GNU C – a programming tutorial

If you have come across any good C introduction on the web, please share the link.