HTML Table: Alignment and cell height

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Similar to Excel, we can align the text in the cell to the left, center or to the right.

The cell height could be set as well.

Here in this example, we set the text to align vertically and in the center of the cell.

The height of the cell has been increased as well.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<head lang='en'>     
    <meta charset='UTF-8'>
    <title> Table</title>
        table {
            width: 60%;
            border-style: solid;
            border-width: 1px;
            padding: 5px;
            border-spacing: 5px;

        td {
            border-style: solid;
            border-width: 1px;
            text-align: center;
            vertical-align: top;
            height: 50px;

        <td>Rod Stewart</td>
        <td>Maggie May</td>