MySQL Clients: Client Access

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This series is a short introduction to using PHPMyAdmin or Toad for MySQL to access MySQL DB.

In an earlier post, I have mentioned about downloading WAMP server and install it into your PC.  With WAMP, you will get an Apache web server, PHP, MySQL and also PHPMyAdmin.

PHPMyAdmin is a web based client access to MySQL.  As it is web based, it is not as user-friendly as other client access programs such as HeidiSQL and Toad for MySQL.

We will use Toad for MySQL throughout this tutorial but first, let’s go through some simple steps where you could create a database and a table using PHPMyAdmin.

MySQL Clients: PHPMyAdmin

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First, start the WAMP server and make sure that it appears in the far right of the task bar in your Windows Desktop.

Click on it and look for PHPMyAdmin.  Start PHPMyAdmin and you will be brought to localhost/phpmyadmin in the web browser.


If this is the first time you have started using PHPMyAdmin, login as root without a password.  You will be brought to this page.


Create Database

Click on Databases tab.


We will now create a database called allartist.  Type in allartist in the create database textbox and click on create.  A database allartist will be successfully created.

Create A Table

Using the code below, we will now create a table.

 id int auto_increment primary key, 
 artiste varchar(30), 
 album varchar(50),
 price decimal(3, 2) 
(artiste, album, price)
('Rod Stewart', 'Maggie May', 8.90 ),
('New Order', 'Substance', 7.50),
('Nirvana', 'Smell Like Teen Spirit', 9.80);

First click on allartist on the left column of the page.  Click on SQL and paste the code to the SQL query box.  Click on Go.


Go back to SQL tab and use the following query to display the table.  

select * from artist

A page will be shown as below.


MySQL Clients: Toad for MySQL

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Now that we have created a database and a table artist using PHPMyAdmin, we will move on to using Toad for MySQL to access the database we have created.

Please download Toad for MySQL here.

Launch Toad for MySQL.


Make sure that WAMP server is also started in your PC.  From Toad, we need to make a connection to the database allartist.

Click on File -> New -> Connection.  Type in the necessary information as shown in the screenshot.


Click on connect and you should be able to see the database allartist on the left column.


You now have made a successful connection to the database allartist.

MySQL Clients: Query DB

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Let’s make a simple query through Toad.

select * from artist

From the menu, go to Tool -> Editor.

Type in the above query and execute the sql.


Let’s end this tutorial by dropping the table and the database.  In our next tutorial, we will create again the database and table using PHP.

Execute the below 2 sql scripts to remove the table and the database.

drop table artist
drop database allartist

You can verify if you have removed the database successfully by login in using PHPMyAdmin.

MySQL Clients: Using the console

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MySQL provides a command line console and you can launch it from a path similar to below if you have installed WAMP server in  the C drive.



You can also find the console at the mini task bar on the bottom right side of the desktop.

Once you have launched it, you will be prompted to enter the root password.  At the moment, there is no password set for my WAMP server.