My first programming language, PASCAL

The first language that I learned was actually PASCAL during my freshman year in the University.

In the second year, I took a course in Graphics Programming using Object Oriented PASCAL.  I started writing Object Oriented programs without truly understanding the essence of Object Oriented concept but I finished course thinking that the dot was just a way to access a function as in the traditional C.  Talk about a crappy student.

The concept of Object Oriented design was indeed not important in the class.  Though it is possible to learn programming in this way, it is definitely not recommended.

Learn C: Setting up the environment

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Let’s start with the C language first.

The first thing is to get your computer set up so that you have a compiler to compile C.

This post will use the GNU C and if you prefer, you can set up the Visual Studio shown in a later post.

GNU (Geez, Not Unix) C compiler can be downloaded from  Visit the website and download the MinGW installation manager.


From the installation manager download gcc-core, gcc-g++, binutils, and the MinGW runtime. Next set the path of the windows to the bin directory of MinGW.

Now that you have the environment set up, you can write your first C program.