C++: Downloading Cygwin with C++ compiler

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If you have already downloaded Netbeans, make sure that you are using the all bundle option that includes the C++ development environment.

Else download it from netbeans.org/downloads/

C++ compiler is not included in Netbeans and so we need to download Cygwin.   Cygwin is a Unix-like environment and command-line interface for Microsoft Windows.

With Cygwin, it is possible to launch Windows applications from the Cygwin environment, as well as to use Cygwin tools and applications within the Windows operating context.  C++ compiler tool is included in Cygwin.  We need the g++ and the make utility included in Cygwin.

  1. Download setup-x86.exe from cygwin.
  2. Launch cygwin installation
  3. In the Cygwin setup->Choose Installation Type, Choose Install From Internet
  4. cygwin1
  5. In the Select Root Install Directory
  6. cygwin2
  7. Use the default directory C:\Cygwin
  8. In the Select Local Package Directory, use the default directory setting
  9. cygwin3
  10. In the Select Your Internet Connection, use the default Direct Connection
  11. cygwin4
  12. In the Choose A Download Site, select a site that is nearest to your country
  13. cygwin5
  14. After clicking Next, you should see the following screenshot where you would need to choose the C++ compiler.
  15. cygwin6
  16. We need the g++ compiler, the make utility and the gdb debugger.
  17. Expand the Devel and scroll down to look for g++ compiler
  18. cygwin7
  19. Scroll down again to look for make utility, click on the skip word to install it.
  20. It is better now to also install the debugger, look for gdb and click on skip to install.
  21. Now you have the Cygwin and its C++ tools and compiler installed in your PC.

C++: Using Netbeans IDE

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We divert a bit and we will write some of our code with Netbeans IDE instead of MS Visual Studio.

Code completion and refactoring are available in Netbeans and if you have like to use  refactoring in Visual Studio, you will have to use the professional edition and download a refactoring plugin.

Netbeans is dynamic and it supports a variety of C++ compilers such as Cygwin and MinGW.  For our examples, we will use Cygwin compiler.

We will go through the process of installing the Cygwin compiler in the next 2 posts making Cygwin compiler to be able to work with Netbeans IDE.