Best of both worlds

When I first got the Mac, the first thing that I did was actually trying to figure out how the Bootcamp works.

My main aim of getting a Mac was actually to create an iOS App for submission into the App store.  I believe without a Mac, it is next to impossible to test out the App if you only have an iPhone.

The good thing about having a Mac is that there is always the Bootcamp utility provided by Apple and it is relatively easy to install a Windows into a Mac.

With the Bootcamp, you can simply divide your hard disk equally and so now, I have 500Gb for Mac and another 500Gb for Windows.

If you are considering getting yourself a desktop at home, I would strongly recommend that you opt for a Mac instead.  It is now quite safe to say that most applications for PC have a Mac version and so this is a way to get the best of both worlds.