NeXT Was Not A Startup

When Steve Jobs resigned from Apple and started NeXT, that was after a few months of travelling in Europe and soul searching.

The challenge at that time for him was what to do NeXT.  When he started Next, it was not started out as a startup per se.  He spent $100k to have Paul Rand designed the Next logo.  Paul Rand was a well known designer and the still used IBM logo was designed by him.

When I look at the NeXT logo and its name, I have this thinking that this is the name of a startup.  But it is not the kind of startup that we know now.  Now we talk about a lean and mean startup. Start a company on the cheap and start it from the garage.  However, get a name a la Yahoo and have a web site and makes it look like a 100 million dollar company.  And that is what the Next logo conveyed to me, a $100 million dollar company.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had early success with Apple.  It was said that Steve Jobs sold his then car for about 1k to buy electronic components and he also roped in his sister to help in assembling the electronic boards.  Just when they were assembling their first hobbyist boards, Mike Markkula came in and put in $250k.

So in a way, Apple was started without the need to write a business plan.  He also did not pitch to any investor.  All that he did was to show Mark Markkula of his garage.

Steve Jobs was still young and this early success  was one of the reasons that led him to be unable to adjust to a startup mindset.  He spent his own money extravagantly in the early beginning in NeXT.

And as we all know now, NeXT failed miserably.