Swift: Getting the average

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Another method to get the average.

import UIKit

func calculateAverage(total: Int, countOfNumbers: Int) -> Int {
    return total / countOfNumbers

func average(algorithm: (Int, Int) -> Int, numbers: Int...) -> Int {
    var countOfNumbers = 0
    var total = 0
    for number in numbers {
        total += number
    return algorithm(total, countOfNumbers)

let avg = average(calculateAverage, numbers: 3, 9, 6)



Hello World IOS App Part 2 AutoLayout: IOS Swift Tutorial

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This IOS tutorial shows how to build first ios app hello world in swift and add autolayout constraints to arrange the uilabel centered horizontally and vertically with respect to parent view with the align center x to superview and align center y to superview constraints. It also shows how to change text color of UILabel and background color of UIView