MySQL: Connect using Toad

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After creating dbuser and granting privilleges to access the the database allartist.  We can use Toad to try to connect to the db using the newly created user.


Check that the Toad connection properties are similar to the screenshot above.  Set both the user and the password as dbuser.


MySQL Clients: Query DB

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Let’s make a simple query through Toad.

select * from artist

From the menu, go to Tool -> Editor.

Type in the above query and execute the sql.


Let’s end this tutorial by dropping the table and the database.  In our next tutorial, we will create again the database and table using PHP.

Execute the below 2 sql scripts to remove the table and the database.

drop table artist
drop database allartist

You can verify if you have removed the database successfully by login in using PHPMyAdmin.

MySQL Clients: Toad for MySQL

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Now that we have created a database and a table artist using PHPMyAdmin, we will move on to using Toad for MySQL to access the database we have created.

Please download Toad for MySQL here.

Launch Toad for MySQL.


Make sure that WAMP server is also started in your PC.  From Toad, we need to make a connection to the database allartist.

Click on File -> New -> Connection.  Type in the necessary information as shown in the screenshot.


Click on connect and you should be able to see the database allartist on the left column.


You now have made a successful connection to the database allartist.